We interrupt this Pierre McGuire interview with a tender message for Brad Richards

Puck Daddy

When NBC Sports' Pierre McGuire emerges from between the benches to interview a head coach, interesting things can happen. Sometimes a coach just doesn’t want to talk to Pierre. Sometimes coaches drop science on Pierre. Sometimes the fans behind the bench decide to get in on the action.

In the New York Rangers’ game at the Washington Capitals on Wednesday, McGuire was interviewing Coach Alain Vigneault when a sign emerged from behind the Rangers bench.

The eagle-eyed CJ Fogler noticed it was, in fact, some type of love note to Brad Richards that read “I’m here if you need to talk.”

And raised it up on a super creepy way:

Well, random fan, it’s a nice sentiment. But Torts is gone. Serenity has returned (and, coincidentally, so have his skating legs. Weird, huh?)

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