Inside Sean Avery’s ridiculous Soho loft, and psychoanalyzing his bookshelf (PHOTOS)

When we last heard from Sean Avery, he said his NHL career was over, having thrown his skates into the Hudson River (where they likely floated down and landed softly on the bodies of former mob informants). He also did some semi-nude modeling for photographer Terry Richardson, with memorable results.

So where does this bon vivant spend his downtime? Why, in his spiffy Soho loft apartment, with Warhol on the walls and slightly better clothes in the closet than your collection from the Gap.

Oh, and Hardy Boys books. Lots of Hardy Boys books. Come inside, won't you?

Refinery 29 recently entered the lair of Sean Avery for a photo spread on the man and his digs. As you can see, he's collected some art over the years; alas, nothing from the Dustin Byfuglien collection.

At last, the myth is dispelled: Sean Avery's apartment is not decorated with pictures of Sean Avery contemplating how to decorate his apartment.

Here's a look inside Sean Avery's closet:

He tells Refinery 29's Kristian Laliberte that "a black suit is the #1 must" for any man's closet. Which obviously makes us feel better about life, given our Snake-Eyes Cos-Play couture.

Finally, here's a deeper look at Sean Avery's bookshelf:

Oh, there could be term papers written about this collection.

Is he the integrity-filled boy detective, trying to wade through the perils of a Bret Easton Ellis life? Is he the 1970s rebel director/rap entrepreneur taking on the studio system? Is there a loft on Soho that doesn't have a Bob Dylan paperback?

And, perhaps most importantly: Does that copy of "I'm Just An Angry Monster" mean we'll never get a Sean Avery autobiography, as his story has already been captured in a children's book?

See the full photo gallery of Avery's loft here.

For an alternative (and NSFW language) take on Avery's spread, please read Jon Moy's "Sean Avery is a Dickhead" essay. Lest anyone forget, Avery has become quite the activist, telling Refinery 29: "We are taking the marriage equality fight to Maryland, and I've also become involved with a great organization called Athlete Ally."

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