Inside Evgeni Malkin’s overly dramatic dandruff shampoo commercial (Photo)

Remember Evgeni Malkin signing with Head and Shoulders as the dandruff shampoo’s spokesman?

Much like Henrik Lundqvist in Sweden, Malkin was hired to be the face of the hair product in Russia. His commercial is airing now. It is quite dramatic.

The actual ad:

Here’s the translation:

MALKIN: “At first I thought you don’t need anything but physical strength to win. When force is used against you, answer with bigger force. But later I started to understand that the real strength is in something else. It lies in the ability to use the pressure and not to give up under it; in the ability to recharge yourself with the help of fans’ energy. At home or away. For or against us. The louder the arena, the better I concentrate. The strength lies in approaching the Olympic Final just like any other game. Because it is in fact the case. Now I know for sure that winning starts from the inner spirit, a clean hair, and the confidence that accompanies all of it.”

NARRATOR: “Head and Shoulders. When dandruff leaves, confidence arrives. Number one shampoo in the world.”

And here is how the ad was made:

From the ad:

MALKIN: “I am Evgeni Malkin. I represent Head and Shoulders. And I think that being confident in yourself is very important. I work a lot for it.

“I try to look good. And when you’re going to a game, fans look at you, your fans, and you try to look good with a nice suit and a nice haircut. I am doing it for fans, first of all.

“Running around the locker room… I try to get ready looking inside myself. I replay highlights of the previous game and the coach’s plan in my head.

“I think it helps me. That’s why I always concentrate of coach’s directions and on my game.

“People give advice. A lot of people helped me and gave advice to me. And when you listen and you come to right conclusions, you become confident. You realize you’re doing the right things. People pay attention to you. And people thank you for that. And they remember you.”

NARRATOR: “Head and Shoulders. When dandruff leaves, confidence arrives. Number one shampoo in the world.”

So, once again: Goodbye dandruff, hello confidence. It’s the Malkin way.