Insane Boston Bruins tattoo features bear mauling Subban, Sedin (Photo)

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Harrison Mooney
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When I first saw the Boston Bruins Jesus Christ tattoo late last month, I had two immediate thoughts: first, that it was in keeping with what "The Heat" taught me about Bostonians: they love putting Jesus in their sports tableaus. Second, this is likely to be the most ridiculous Bruins fan tattoo I will ever see.

Nope. Heck, not even two weeks later, this turned up:

Good. Lord.

Why yes, that is a bear (or some sort of bearcat... thing) in a Bruins jersey violently and bloodily mauling both P.K. Subban and a Sedin. Because of course it is.

On the one hand, it's a nice commemoration of the Bruins' 2010-11 Stanley Cup win, a reminder that the club went through two hated clubs to get it. But I have a few issues with this tattoo.

While the red hair and the fact that he's down on the ice indicate that that's a Sedin, for instance, I was initially thrown by the placement of his arms. Brad Marchand has already demonstrated to us that the Sedins don't protect the face. This Sedin is unrealistically drawn. I demand verisimilitude.

But more than that, one wonders: clearly, this guy hates Daniel Sedin and P.K. Subban quite a bit, so why -- why -- would he tattoo them on his arm instead of a single member of the team he likes?

s/t to Reddit Hockey.

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