Injured KHL player throws stick at ref to stop play

Photo credit to Eliteprospects

Sometimes it feels like the Kontinental Hockey League is some weird, Wild West type sporting venue where there are no rules and everything goes.

And while we debate the merits of whether Buffalo's Tyler Ennis overstepped his bounds by gently smacking a linesman with his stick, we give you Yugra Khanty-Mansiysk forward Lukas Kaspar throwing his stick at an official to alert the referee that Kaspar was hurt and play needed to be stopped. 

Granted, Kaspar, a 2004 San Jose Sharks first round pick blocked a shot and looks like he's in a ton of pain. Also, the referee should know to stop the play. Kaspar was given a game misconduct.

Wouldn't it be awesome if the KHL had player safety videos like the NHL? What in the world would they say after this one? Also, who would be the KHL equivalent of Patrick Burke?

To quote Shane O'Brien said when he was with the Predators when discussing the NHL ... "What a league?!?" My sentiments on the KHL, exactly Shane. 


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