Incredible ’8-bit Draft Picks’ poster commemorates hockey’s first overall selections through history

Yesterday, we counted down some of hockey's best pixelated players in a guest post about the greatest video game characters of all-time. Today: more pixelated players, in the form of this incredible poster from graphic design company SixSix8. Behold the wonder that is '8-Bit Draft picks':

The poster features every first-round pick from the first NHL entry draft in 1963, at which Garry Monahan was selected by the Montreal Canadiens, to modern day, where the Edmonton Oilers have had the last three top picks.

Who couldn't love this? Except for maybe 8-bit Eric Lindros, four spots from the left in row four in that Quebec Nordiques jersey. He demands to be re-pixelated.

"The characters are based off of the EA NHL Hockey 95 (PC version)," says the designer on his blog, where you can see a slightly larger version of the poster. "I have played this game more than most humans on this planet."

If you, just as I, must have this, it can be purchased over at Red Bubble.

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