Illinois man dies after falling through ice while playing hockey with son

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A father spending Sunday evening playing hockey with one of his three sons on a pond in Johnsburg, Ill., fell through the ice and died hours later.

Patrick Rorig, 47, owner and president of Rorig Homes, a custom home building company in Johnsburg, was found 10 feet from the hole in the ice where he fell through after a 32-minute search, according to the Northwest Herald. Rorig was transported to a local hospital where he later died. Rorig's son was able to get off the ice and off the pond, located behind the family home.

From the Daily Herald:

[McHenry Township Fire Deputy Chief Rudy] Horist said the water, which was a retention pond for the subdivision, varied in depth, but the man was taken out of about 10-foot deep waters.

Parts of the ice covering the pond were so thick that emergency crews had to use hand tools to break through, Horist said.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the temperature had been around 29 degrees on Sunday, but the unseasonably mild winter led to the unsafe ice conditions.

Earlier this month the body of a 29-year old ice fisherman was found after he fell through the ice at a local lake.

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