IIHF will change dislodged net rule after USA/Russia controversy

The U.S. victory over Russia in the group stage of the men's Olympic hockey tournament is still a hot topic among many, what with fans making memes, journalists asking president Vladimir Putin his opinion on the controversial no-goal call and students holding protests where they want to make soap out of the ref.

The disallowed Russian goal in the third period allowed the U.S. to eventually win the game after T.J. Oshie's shootout heroics. The call itself was the correct one, according to Rule 471a article 5 from the IIHF rulebook, but players and coaches admitted they had no idea why it was disallowed.

According to IIHF president Rene Fasel, who spoke to reporters on Tuesday, international play will soon see the call go the way it does in the NHL: good goal.

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What can you say about the disallowed goal because of the dislodged net?

“We will change that rule. To disallow a goal because of two centimeters? That’s nonsense. But that is the existing rule, nothing can be done. That’s why I think that this rule needs to be changed and officiate the way it is done in the NHL. That’s what we will do.”

Amid the protests, referee Brad Meier was given a mulligan by Putin.

"Even referees sometimes makes mistakes, here I wouldn't tar anybody with any brush, but I thought that we would win by a big margin," Putin said.

But Russian fans won't soon forget.

Stick-tap Dmitry

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