Ian White out 2-3 weeks; Caps struggling to adjust; Giroux and Elias are adorable (Puck Headlines)

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• Hockey!

• As if the Red Wings didn't have enough problems already, Ian White is now out 2-3 weeks with a deep laceration in his leg. If you hear a ringing sound, that's Nicklas Lidstrom's phone. [MLive]

• You have to feel for the Washington Capitals, who have gone through a handful of system changes in the last two years and are struggling to adjust to another one under Adam Oates. “Personally I almost feel like a fish out of water right now,” defenseman Karl Alzner admitted after Tuesday night’s 4-2 loss at home. “I'm too busy trying to be in the right position mentally instead of just being there. I know where to be. I'm over-thinking it. I think a lot of guys are probably in the same boat.” [CSN Washington]

• Claude Giroux and Patrik Elias star in the most adorable gif in NHL history. [Reddit]

• Ryan Suter on his first game against the Predators, which he said yesterday he was looking forward to having behind him: “For me it wasn’t that big of a deal. Obviously the media makes it more than it is. I still have friends over there, but I still have friends on a lot of teams, and you have to go out and play hard against them. Unfortunately, they were the better team tonight.” Ah, hindsight. [The Tennesseean]

• The man is an African-American icon. Tuesday, he was finally in attendance for a Washington Capitals game. I'm talking about M.C. Hammer. Who did you think I was talking about? [Washington Post]

• Is MLSE going to hire Wayne Gretzky as its president? Before they do, they'll have to speak to the Charlotte Bobcats. Not for permission or anything, but so they understand why this is a stupid idea. [Pension Plan Puppets]

• Sloppy is a popular word early in the 2013 season. Too bad Sean Avery threw his skates into the river. He'd have loved this. [Sporting News]

• B.D. Gallof breaks down the report that Nino Niederreiter has requested a trade. [Hockey Independent]

• Paul MacClone speaks! On whether the doppelgänger of the Ottawa Senators' coach thinks Paul Maclean is a good-looking man: "Unbelievable, unbelievable how good looking he is." [6th Sens]

• Don't panic, Flames fans. It's just two games. [Flames Nation]

• Don't panic, Canucks fans. It's just two games. [Pass it to Bulis]

• Analyzing the Penguins' new shutdown pair of Brooks Orpik and Paul Martin. [The Hockey Writers]

• University of Maine senior hockey player Joey Diamond returns to his Long Island hometown to help with Hurricane Sandy cleanup. Neat story here. [Bangor Daily News]

• Jaromir Jagr vs. Ray Whitney. Who is the superior fantasy hockey pickup? [Dobber Hockey]

• Desperate to know when the Bruins, Hurricanes, Blue Jackets, Avalanche and Wild will be wearing their thirds this season? Who isn't! [Icethetics]

• Why everyone loves Teemu Selanne: "He’s been playing in the league for 20 years and is technically 42 years old, despite appearing to have stopped aging sometime around 1997." [Grantland]

• Release the Redden! [BND]

• A history of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. [Greatest Hockey Legends]

• And finally, here's Matt Duchene taking a puck off the face Tuesday night. He missed a grand total of zero shifts, because, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, hockey. [SB Nation]

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