Hungarian bus stop replaced with giant hockey net in amazing ad (Photo)

Let us establish, right up front, what this isn't. It's not a prototype of Gary Bettman's new, giant, soccer-style nets.

What it is: a photo of a bus stop in Hungary. Actually, scratch that. Not a bus stop. The best bus stop in Hungary. This is incredible.

This creative installation appears to be an ad for Alba Volán Székesfehérvár, a Hungarian hockey team that, by all accounts, dominates their league. They've won 10 consecutive Hungarian championships -- 10!! -- probably all thanks to Ric Jackman, the Dallas Stars' 5th overall pick from 1996, who has settled there. The club's season opened on September 7.

How did Hungary beat Canada to this idea? Seriously, how? Way to drop the ball, Harper administration.

s/t to Reddit Hockey