How to celebrate playoff hockey? Fist-bump all of Munich (Video)

Red Bull Hockey
Red Bull Hockey

EHC Red Bull München is a hockey team in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga and home to such former NHL luminaries as Danny Richmond (owner of a 2010 Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup ring) and Matt Smaby, who was a semi-regular defenseman for the Tampa Bay Lightning from 2007-11.

ECH Red Bull has made the 2014 DEL playoffs, and decided to rally its community to support the team as it contends for … well, we have no idea what the German equivalent of the Stanley Cup is. If it’s not DAS BOOT, they’re doing it wrong.

To do so, they used one of the time-honored traditions in hockey: The fist-bump and/or glove tap. With a camera attached to mitt and fan passion on their minds, the team took to the streets of Munich for one of the most random playoff pump-up videos we’ve ever seen:

Well, they’ve got Pinocchio, a fruit vendor and an Imperial Stormtrooper on board.

Good luck, rest of the DEL …

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