How hockey fans announce they're having a baby (Photos)

It's just over four months after Christmas and New Year's, so you undoubtedly know someone that's due to have a baby in the near future. Which means you've probably been inundated with all sorts of birth and due date announcements.

Joe Morris of Sacramento decided to share the good news of his and his wife's little blessing with a display in front of their house. Since he's a die-hard Montreal Canadiens fan, there was really only one way to go:

Well that's a #HockeyPorn-ish way of sharing the news.

Also, adorable.

We decided to look around for other hockey-centric baby announcements, and found this:

Well, signing that prospect really depends on whether you want to burn a year of their contract by ... OK, maybe we're over-thinking this. Congrats on winning the lottery!

Then there are these, via Pinterest and photographer Tawny Cowell:

Dawwwwww doesn't get any cuter than that.


Yes it does:


But our favorite one we spotted came via a blogger named Kathy, in announcing her pregnancy with daughter Emma.

Check out the stick. This is genius.

 Finally, a plus/minus rating that actually means something!