Hockey TV bloopers: Who knew the Atlanta Thrashers were still playing? (VIDEO)

Puck Daddy

If you’ve watched an NHL game lately – and judging by the ratings, you have – you know that post-lockout hockey has been sloppy, mistake-riddled and surprisingly entertaining despite all of that.

The same goes for coverage of these games. Remember folks, the good people of the broadcast industry were locked out too. So forgive them the occasional goof early in the season, even if it's about a team that no longer exists.

Take it away Friend of Puck Daddy Ryan Real:

I grabbed Fox Sports Arizona commentator Matt McConnell start the game by calling the Columbus Blue Jackets the "Atlanta Thrash--" followed by an excruciating awkward pause. Fun stuff.

That pause lasted longer than the Thrashers did.

Oh, if only that were the only hockey television goof of the 2013 season. Get ready to be dazed and confused …

And here … we … go.

You know those tickers at the bottom of the screen? The ones that are supposed to accurately depict the teams and scores for that night’s action?

Via Raoul, here are the scores from Tuesday night’s games on Altitude on Colorado. Please note none of them were actually played.

Via Busted Coverage, here’s a graphic from the NBC affiliate in Buffalo in which the Winnipeg Jets become the Winnipeg Jerts; not to be confused with the Winnipeg Jorts, which are John Cena’s favorite hockey team.

OK, this is technically a TV station making a mistake on their website, but we simply couldn’t ignore this one from For the love of puck, Gordie is the most hockey-est of hockey names. (Via PD Reader Jullian Montane.)

And finally …

... mashing up the Albertan franchises on CSN Bay Area.

(Via @efraser77)

Granted, this is completely wrong, but could you imagine how good the Edmonton Oilers would be if you added Miikka Kiprusoff and Jarome Iginla to the roster? Just hand them the Cup.

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