Hockey team forced to change Garfield jerseys during game

Via Indy Fuel
Via Indy Fuel

They’re rivals, but friendly ones. Their history is well-established, and their battles are legendary. One is cynical and sadistic; the other blissfully naïve.

One is a fat cat. The other is a yippy puppy.

There are many differences between Garfield and Odie, the decades-old comic characters who taught us to hate Mondays and love lasagna. But on Saturday night, the Indy Fuel and the Evansville IceMen of the ECHL discovered an unexpected similarity: their coloring.

As minor league hockey teams do, the Fuel and IceMen wore novelty jerseys for their game at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum. The Fuel rocked orange Garfield jerseys. The IceMen wore yellow Odie jerseys. To the surprise of no one, the Garfield jerseys were much cooler, because Odie is dumb.

Alas, those Garfield jerseys only lasted for two periods. The Fuel switched back to their typical red sweaters in the third period.

The reason? There wasn’t enough contrast between the Garfield and Odie jerseys, and everyone was getting confused as to which team was which during the game.

Once more, with feeling: a team was forced to change their jerseys because the ones they were wearing, depicting a cartoon cat, were too close in color to their opponents’ jerseys, depicting a cartoon dog.

So, in summary, minor league hockey is the greatest.

Here are the jerseys in action:

For the record: Team Garfield defeated Team Odie.

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