Hockey mystery: What's with the logo on bottom of the Cup?

Amidst the postgame celebrations on the Joe Louis Arena ice, eagle-eyed Puck Daddy reader Jordan noticed something was a little bit different about the Stanley Cup: the logo on the bottom of the base.

This year, when the Pittsburgh Penguins get their names engraved on the Cup, a brand new base will be part of the best trophy in sports.

Phil Pritchard, curator at the Hockey Hall of Fame and the man who travels with the Stanley Cup wherever it goes, confirmed in an email that after the Detroit Red Wings had their names engraved last September, the base was completed and a new one, featuring the Hall's logo, was installed.

So no, that wasn't the replica Stanley Cup that Gary Bettman presented on Friday night or one you can get through the NHL store; it was the same old Stanley, just with a newer look underneath.

To follow the Stanley Cup and its summer vacation, check out the Hockey Hall of Fame's website and their running journal as each member of the Pittsburgh Penguins gets his day with it.

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