Hockey Halloween: Teen Wolf, Canuck costumes, Stanley Cup pumpkins

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There are just those times when you have to take a step back and begin the slow clap of appreciation for a Halloween costume.

From Wes Bergh of Sherwood Park, Alberta comes this cinematic experience:

"I thought you might like my hockey themed Halloween costume I made 2 years ago.

"It's my rendition of Teen Wolf.  It might have made an even better movie if it had been conceived in Canada ...

"(Fun fact, these photos were taken at the South Side Athletic Club in Edmonton where such NHL greats as Dion Phaneuf and Jay Boumeester were developed)."

This one's for you, Boof.

Coming up, more hockey-centric Halloween whimsy, from artistic pumpkins to hilarious costumes — of varying degrees of execution and, thankfully, good taste.

And here … we … go.

From 2010, a darn fine looking Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup champions pumpkin created by Nick Vogelsang (and submitted by Sarah Quinlan). Much like that team, this was gutted last year, too.

Of course, there's a new Stanley Cup champ this year in the Boston Bruins, and Michael Duarte celebrates them accordingly.

Kevin Dugal presents his take on the Vancouver riots costume. The gas canister is a nice touch for sure.

Protest Pumpkin? Tyler Comerford honors the North Dakota Fighting Sioux with this effort.

Wait, is this another Protest Pumpkin? From reader Brandon Bieltz: "Buffaslug pumpkin. Those jerseys weren't THAT bad." Blasphemy! (Meanwhile, check out a nice piece by Brandon from last year on the Wounded Warrior hockey program.

An awesome piece by Amanda Statland, depicting Marc-Andre Fleury of the Pittsburgh Penguins in pumpkin form. Wonder if it gets into a pose-down with the Carey Price pumpkin across the street …

What do we have here? According to Nate Gandt, we have Paul Bissonnette of the Phoenix Coyotes in pumpkin form. Problem with this pumpkin is that you can only have it out front for six minutes a night.

Via reader Matthew Sam, it's last season's Atlanta Thrashers pumpkin.

From reader Kevin Riegler comes an Eric Lindros costume tribute: "I can't quite remember why I did this or why I woke up with blood coming out of my nose the next morning, but I think I got paid." (Ouch…)

There are just certain logos that lend themselves well to the jack 'o lantern treatment. The Wheeling Nailers have one such logo. Via reader Justin Brookover from Waverly, WV.

Wicked looking Tampa Bay Lightning pumpkin from Brian Ouellette. Needs more Tesla coils.

Via reader Dan:

Last year my friend Jeff came up with the slogan, WWCD, What Would Clowe Do. This year for Halloween he dressed up as Ryane Clowe. Now seeing as how Sharks fans are known for their jersey fouls before you judge, know this, since he couldn't afford a real Clowe jersey he used his spare blank white jersey he uses for pick up hockey.

He colored the shoulders teal, made the logos and stripes as well and topped it off with WWCD. A slogan my group of friends has taken and ran with. He also made the numbers and logo for the helmet. Since he wore it to a party last night I threatened him with death if he doesn't wear it tonight when we play. Have a Happy Halloween!

Right back at you.

Really amazing work here from Anaheim Ducks loyalist (and Los Angeles Kings detractor) Vicky Valderrama.

Via Nashville Predators fans Jennifer Levins: "I wore my Preds Pride to the office today!  Unfortunately, you can't see my rally towel cape."

And finally… here's Helen:

Happy Halloween.  Wore this @ Canucks game last Sat vs the Caps. The Canucks players saw it @ pre-warm up and Ovie had a good chuckle because he laughed when he saw me with my sign!!!

Well done.

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