Hockey Halloween: Outrageous costumes, awesome puck pumpkins

Fans and alumni reacted to the death of the Div. I men's hockey program at the University of Alabama-Huntsville with equal parts frustration and outrage.

So why not channel that into an awesome Halloween costume?

Andrew Judge did just that, wearing a Chargers jersey and a large dummy depicting UA System Chancellor Malcolm Portera, who made the decision to end the Div. I program after this season, stabbing him in the chest.

Judge didn't just walk around campus with the getup, either: He wore it to a UAH volleyball game where the new university president and the athletic director were in attendance. Awesome. (Thanks to Geof F. Morris for the tip.)

Have you a hockey-themed pumpkin? Have you worn, or will you wear, a makeshift Halloween costume? Do you have hockey imagery in your Halloween front lawn displays? Email pics to We'll give away some trinkets to some of the better ones.

And here … we … go.

Reader Jason Lee noticed we didn't have any Edmonton Oilers pumpkins … so he made one. (Not sure about the ghost, although we assume it's a reference to Gilbert Brule's career.)

Tom Beasley with an old school Washington Capitals logo pumpkin. Dale Hunter approves. And would probably smash it from behind.

A sharp-looking Chicago Blackhawks pumpkin from Xiaoming Zhu. Not Patrick Sharp sharp, but sharp enough.

What are you looking at? From reader Michael Alper: "Here is a photo of the John Scott (Blackhawks) pumpkin. It is big and intimidating, but it never gets to do anything more than sit on the sidelines."

Los Angeles Kings and Minnesota Wild pumpkins by Anne Sitorius; those trees look like they were a bit of a bitch to cut out, so we appreciate the effort.

Rachel Addison with a matching set of Nashville Predators pumpkins. Gutsy move putting "Smashville" on a pumpkin.

From reader Brooks Bratten, a Pittsburgh Penguins pumpkin: "Here's my Deryk tough pumpkin."

Reader Clint Molnar on his Don Cherry ensemble:

"Last year I dressed up as Don Cherry for Halloween and won best costume at both parties that I attended.  I purchased the Jacket at the salvation army for $6 and Halloween tie at the dollar store for $1.  I Grew the beard for a few weeks and shaved my head before spray-painting them white.  The final touch was making an oversized collar and cufflinks for my shirt out of cardboard paper and staples."

Does Don Cherry know his wardrobe can be assembled for, like, $10?

Greg Cichosz poses with the Phoenix Coyotes pumpkin he carved and that is owned by the National Hockey League.

Anna Peasgood with a Hockey Canada pumpkin and a Vancouver Canucks-o-lantern.

Oh … my.

Inspired by his ESPN Body Issue pose, this Ryan Kesler pumpkin has been making the rounds. Kudos to whoever created it, and our sincere thanks for not creatively incorporating the stem into the design. (Via LOLHockey)

And finally …

Reader Brian Capobianco explains:

"Here's my Halloween costume, I'm going as a Vancouver Rioter, complete with Molotov Cocktail."

And just like a real rioter, you just saw his photo on the Internet.