Hockey’s greatest beard, owned by Emil Kaberg, will soon be no more

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This Emil Kaberg, who is described by Elite Prospects as a “hard hardworking checking winger”. He plays for Orebro and is the owner of hockey's greatest beard for only 20 more days.

You see, Kaberg’s team won promotion this week from HockeyAllsvensken into the Elitserien, Sweden's top division. Keeping with a promise he made to a friend, Kaberg will shave off the facial locks on April 18 at the opening of his buddy's cell phone store, according to Expressen. After celebrating promotion, he allowed a reporter to cut of a small piece as a keepsake.

How much would that small bit of beard go for on eBay Sweden?

With all due respect to Greg Zanon, Shea Weber, Paul Mara, Radko Gudas, Bill Flett and others who have mastered the art of the facial foliage, Kaberg’s beard could be described as having its own environment. It's like a flower, planted early in the season before finally blooming in the spring.

Via Expressen, with translation by Fredrik Hilding:

I just started saving as time went on. The original plan was to shave it for Christmas, but that didn't materialize. After that, it's just kept on growing and growing. When we started to play well in January it became a lucky beard, that's when I decided to keep it until the end of the season.

How legendary is Kaberg's beard-growing abilities? Back in 2007, a contest was held where fans would grow their own beards and the best one would get a poster with Kaberg's playoff beard clippings glued on it. Seriously.

Stick-tap SI via George Malik

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