Hockey fans fight to death over Henrik Lundqvist’s goalie stick (Video)

After shutting out the Carolina Hurricanes on Tuesday night, New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist celebrating by tossing his goalie stick into the crowd at Madison Square Garden.

Now, let’s consider this action for a moment. Hockey fans will turn their section into an impromptu “Hunger Games” if there’s a bundled up T-shirt thrown near their seats during the game. Hell, we just saw some big dummy in a Member’s Only jacket snatch a puck away from a child and then mock that child.

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Last night, it was the goalie stick from arguably the most beloved New York athlete in a post-Jeter sports world being tossed into the crowd. And as you can see, it went over like fresh meat being tossed to a zombie horde.

Look at that dude in the middle gripping that stick, looking like Jon Favreau playing an accountant. He nearly gets choked out by the stick he’s attempting to take home. In fact, the whole thing resembles one of those contests where you have to keep your hands on a car and the last one left wins it.

In the end, MSG security decided the best course of action was to take the stick from the fans and bring it back down to Lundqvist, no doubt regaling the King with tales of full grown adults who never learned how to share.

But then again, we should have seen this coming after what happened to Scott Niedermayer in 2009:

Why can't we all just get along?!

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