When hockey coach argues with ref, best to not fall on one’s backside (VIDEO)

Puck Daddy

Earlier, we brought you perhaps the greatest footage of an assistant coach disagreeing with the on-ice officials in recent hockey history: Chris Clark, dressing and acting like a blind man, earning his game misconduct by mocking the refs on the ice.

Now we bring you the opposite end of that spectrum, as an assistant coach for the Little Flyers AAA squirts team attempts to argue with the refs … and embarrassingly flops onto the ice from the bench in doing so.

From reader JP, in a game featuring the Little Flyers AAA team, in a game vs. Ashburn Extreme:

Game score at the time was 5-1 late in the 3rd period when the Little Flyers AAA team coach tries to hop over the wall and (appears) that he wants to go after the refs (around the 0:20 mark).

He was screaming like a maniac and his attempt to hurdle the wall didn't end well. Even after hopping back up, he continues to approach the refs (as the refs backpedal in fear). Great example for the kiddos.

That, friends, is a mighty walk of shame. But hey, he stayed on his shoes this time.

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