Hockey Christmas decorations gallery: Saint Claude Giroux and others fan traditions


As I look over at this tree to my left, I spy a few essential ornaments we hang from the branches every December.

There’s the baby’s first Christmas ones – the ratty ball of thread from my first, and the ceramic handprint from my daughter’s.

There are glass ornaments with the mirrored center that I used to pretend were gun turrets on a COBRA base when I’d play with my G.I. Joes during winter break.

There are the ones that symbolize relatives I’ve lost, ones that symbolize loves I’ve gained. And yeah, there’s always room for that aluminum hot dog and that six-pack of beer with the piece of holly on it.

But there’s also room for our hockey ornaments. Being a two-team house, there’s a penguin in a Santa hat with a Chicago Blackhawks logo on it and a red ball celebrating the New Jersey Devils’ 2000 Stanley Cup championship. (One is more prominently displayed than the other, thanks to their current lots in life.)

For many of us, the things we display every holiday season are representative of who we are. So that’s why we wanted to know what hockey-centric decorations you bring out for this festive season.

Like this Philadelphia Flyers tree-topper from Lisa Waldschmitt:

Last year, we drove up to a game and back just to buy a dozen of those Flyers ornaments. The player ornaments are handmade because nothing says Christmas craft time like hockey.

"Behold, there came wise men from the east to Philadelphia, saying, 'Where is he that is born King of the Giroux?' For we have seen his all-star in the east, and are come to worship him..."

Here are some other fabulous holiday decorations.

Thanks to all the Puck Daddy readers who submitted theirs!

Buffalo Sabres ornament from Gabby Banach

Writes James Ivory, “Given a rough ride in the Christmas tote but like the hockey player he is, right back out there on the tree!”

Writes Matt F: “My mother and kids make a different kind of gingerbread ‘house’ every year, this year they made a hockey rink. Nothing too Wow, but I was tickled by the goal light going on at the far end (puck going low blocker).”


Writes Emily Bennett: "In which Jayson Werth Gnome and Nicky Backstrom Gnome transform into Gnome-Elves for Christmas. Hoping the Wizards make a Marcin Gortat Gnome someday.  That would be epic! Happy Hockeydays!"

From the Golden Girls, their Nashville Predators Christmas tree!

From Josh and four-year-old Mary, Wings fans in Jersey: "The elf on the shelf is telling Santa to get us a Babcock extension for Christmas!"

Justin Ronallo sends in these cute ornaments.

Via Zachary Miller: "Freddie Saves Christmas!"

From Steve MacDonald: "My folks found this in a craft store this year."

Eric Rauenstauch sends in this classic Sabres ormament.

Elle James sends in these Hockey Parents tree decorations.

Finally, awesomeness from Annie Schumacher: "I actually keep this up year round, not just for the holidays, but it's a wreath made of pucks from the 2013 Hawks playoff run. I've gotten all of the pucks signed now too."

Merry Christmas puckheads!