Here’s The Klingburger, a gut-busting treat created by John Klingberg

Dallas Stars
Dallas Stars

Everyone has different standards for celebrity status. Maybe what you drive or where you live or if you’re famous enough where they assume you won’t present at the NHL Awards.

For us, celebrity status is having your own menu item named after you.

Jonathan Toews has his own beer. Jaromir Jagr was immortalized on a peanut butter jar. And now, Dallas Stars defenseman John Klingberg has fulfilled the destiny of his last name and created The Klingburger, which is on sale at all Dallas Stars and Dallas Mavericks games in February.

According to the Stars, Klingberg picked all of the ingredients himself, sitting down with an executive chef from American Airlines Center to map it out.

What’s on it?

- 1/3 pound burger

- cheddar cheese

- homemade quick pickles

- crisp bacon

- shaved red onions

- lettuce

- a cheddar cheese-infused Ciabatta bun

- Swedish “secret sauce.”

According to Klingberg, the “secret sauce” is something found on burgers in Sweden. For what it’s worth, the “secret sauce” on burgers from “The Max,” a popular Swedish chain, is basically Thousand Island dressing, a.k.a. also the Big Mac “secret sauce.”

Which is a bummer, because we automatically assume any secret Swedish food item would have lingonberry, smoked fish or meatball grease, because all we know about Swedish cuisine comes from IKEA. (Come to think of it, this burger needs a hell of a lot more $1 hot dogs and cinnamon buns.)

We look forward to taste testing the Klingburger against the Eike Daddy Burger if the opportunity presents itself.

Hey, it’s no “getting a species of wasp named after you,” but it’s pretty good.

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