Here's that shirtless Henrik Lundqvist underwear ad you wished for (Video)

Henrik Lundqvist, walking around all shirtless and handsome.

It's tough to score on Henrik Lundqvist, because it's difficult to even fire a shot at him when you're in his presence. Would you shoot at a sunset?

The New York Rangers' starting goaltender is handsome, is what I'm getting at. In fact, perhaps the biggest shame of his hockey career is he plays a position in which his face is covered. On the bright side, while his mask obscures his perfect face, it also protects his perfect face. Your argument for why this matters? Jeff Carter.

Anyway. If it's more Henrik Lundqvist you want, and you do, because of course you do, look no further than his new ad for Bread and Boxers, in which he wanders around a black-and-white world, pondering what happened in the Stanley Cup Final, where all the color went, and then where his shirt went:

They're Henrik Lundqvist's favorite underwear because, unlike opposing forwards, they don't have him moving from side to side. Heyo! Nailed it. I'm the best at jokes.

Lundqvist is pretty much the perfect athlete to rep an underwear company. He's European, he plays in a major market, and he's a smoldering piece of man. He's basically David Beckham on ice, except he doesn't have a weird high-pitched voice and sometimes his team actually wins in international competition.

So he's better than David Beckham then.

If the 40-second spot merely whetted your appetite for more of Hunkrik Hunkqvist, here he is sitting down with the Forbes style director to talk about why he decided to sign up with Bread and Boxers.

But if you don't feel like watching, you can probably guess: probably more for the bread than the boxers.

In closing, let us once again remind you that Lundqvist was once left off a Cosmopolitan list of the hottest hockey players.

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