Here is an AHL fight as depicted by taxidermied squirrels (Photo)

hoffman1208 / eBay

Think of the strangest thing you’ve come across while scouring eBay during some down time. Now think of that weird item and multiply it by 1000 and you’ll have what one seller is offering, which involves an AHL hockey fight featuring dead squirrels.


For the low, low price of $600, plus $12.45 for shipping, you can own taxidermied squirrels depicting an AHL fight between Steven Olesky of the Hershey Bears and Derek Mathers of the Lehigh Valley Phantoms.

hoffman1208 / eBay
hoffman1208 / eBay

The SHL (Squirrel Hockey League) on the gloves and acorn is a cute touch.

From the item description:

This is an awesome ONE OF A KIND collectors item for the Hershey Bears Hockey enthusiast. It consists of Hershey Bear's Steven Oleksy and Lehigh Valley Phantom's Derek Mathers. These are 100% real squirrels with exceptional detail as seen in the pictures. They have been mounted by a professional taxidermist and comes with an ice hockey base as shown.

The company that did the work, Teeters' Taxidermy Studio Inc., does customized squirrel mounts. This means if these things take off (fingers crossed), we can look forward to Bobby Orr’s Stanley Cup-winning goal, Mario Lemieux’s winner in the 1987 Canada Cup and the “Miracle on Ice” all in squirrel form.

If that's not your thing, there's always this amazing re-creation of a Star Wars fight.

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