Henrik Zetterberg had advertising on jersey last night (Video)

Worried about the NHL putting eventually advertising on jerseys? Sure, we all are.

But whatever the seemingly inevitable monetization of player sweaters ends up looking like, we’re guessing it’ll be less egregious than what happened to Henrik Zetterberg in Edmonton on Tuesday night.

In the third period, Benoit Pouliot of the Oilers hit Zetterberg along the boards. The two skated around the end boards, battling for the puck.

When Zetterberg emerged from the scrum, he had a giant piece of advertising along the boards stuck to his sweater. He skated to the bench, were an on-ice official removed it.

Weird to see Zetterberg carrying something on his back that isn't the Detroit Red Wings.

It was just a giant white piece of billboard advertising, rather than, say, a Tim Horton’s logo. Which is good for the Detroit Red Wings, so as not to have any conflict with Amway.

Just another argument for CGI replacing all advertisements on the ice.

Oh, who are we kidding, it looks atrocious.