Henrik Sedin undresses Chris Mason on penalty shot (VIDEO)

Remember folks: Daniel Sedin is the goal-scorer, and Henrik Sedin is the assists guy. Unless of course it’s a penalty shot, and then Henrik Sedin morphs into Peter Forsberg.

Here’s Henrik against Chris Mason of the Nashville Predators on Thursday night, faking the keeper out of his pads at 17:26 of the third period.

Ouch. Pekka Rinne’s probably OK with being pulled in the 7-4 loss before facing that move.

Ben Kazuma had some choice quotes from after the game:

Roberto Luongo on Henrik Sedin's penalty shot goal: "Honestly, I didn't think we was going to score I've never seen him score in practice."

— Ben Kuzma (@benkuzma) March 15, 2013

Henrik Sedin on his penalty shot: "AV asked to get a power play instead of me going down on a penalty shot. I had that move and I tried it."

— Ben Kuzma (@benkuzma) March 15, 2013

As they said in the clip: Sedin's not exactly aces in the shootout. But give Henrik Sedin a penalty shot and deke-tastic things happen. Please recall this beauty against Marty Brodeur back in 2010: