Henrik Lundqvist and his toe team up for save of the year candidate (VIDEO)

The New York Rangers have a good thing going. They're pretty good about limiting their scoring chances against, but when one unfolds, Henrik Lundqvist is back there, just waiting for the moments when he can remind people that he's very, very good.

He had one such moment Tuesday night versus the Buffale Sabres, and he didn't disappoint. I think we can count Lundqvist among the NHL goaltenders vying for save of the year after this flurry of activity, punctuated by a remarkable toe save:

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I'm so glad that the clip contains three angles on this sequence, because it takes at least that many looks to really understand what Lundqvist manages to do. After a turnover at the side of the goal, the Sabres get three incredible chances, and Lundqvist manages to get in front of all of them.

For the first, he slides across in a hurry, stopping the puck, but winding up on his belly. Then, when the Sabres get ahold of the puck again and attempt to take advantage of all that open net, Lundqvist pops like a breakdancer doing the worm, flicking his leg up and somehow, some way managing to get a toe on the puck.

The whole sequence is sexy, but that foot action is the money shot. Crazy.

Jason Pominville attempts a third shot to the short side, but by then, the moment has passed. Lundqvist knocks it away casually, as if to say, "Did you see what I just did? No way you're beating me with that garbage."

And this concludes your reminder that Henrik Lundqvist is very, very good.

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