Henrik Lundqvist’s casual F-bomb probably the highlight of 2012 NHL Awards (VIDEO)

Puck Daddy

New York Rangers star Henrik Lundqvist was crowned the Vezina Trophy winner on Wednesday night as the League's top goaltender, as NHL shooters rarely slipped one by him.

During his acceptance speech, it was Lundqvist's turn to slip one by someone -- the censors. Listen to the casual, under his breath F-bomb from King Henrik as he mulled his next thank you (Warning: NSFW for strong language. Obviously.)

Jonathan Quick, whom Lundqvist defeated for the Vezina, infamously dropped F-bombs after the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup and during their parade celebration at Staples Center. Actor Matthew Perry opened the show by jokingly mentioning to Quick that the show was on a 7-second delay in case he decided to get salty again.

It's always the pretty ones you really have to worry about …

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