Hear country star Brett Kissel’s impassioned plea, ‘Hockey Please Come Back’ (VIDEO)

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One of country music's great tropes is the lamentation of loss. There's that old joke: What happens when you play a country song in reverse? The guy gets his house back, his truck back, his dog back, and his wife back. (One of the genre's other great tropes is that they'll literally write a song about anything, which is why there's even a song about that joke.)

Simply put, no genre of music does pleas for stuff to come back quite the way that country does. That in mind, it really is the perfect avenue for an impassioned plea to end the NHL lockout. Thanks to country star Brett Kissel, now we have one. Feast your ears on "Hockey Please Come Back."


This isn't the first time Kissel's put his hockey fandom to music. Back in April of 2012, the diehard Oilers fan wrote a song slagging the Vancouver Canucks, which led to a musical response from country music star and Canucks fan Chad Brownlee. Country fight!

I sided with the other guy then, but now I can't help but feel empathy for Kissel. Someone help him. His PVR's cache of Desperate Housewives episodes is draining at an alarming rate.

Anyway. I'm not really a country guy, but this one moved me. Like Kissel says: "Give us back our reason for existing. Give us back our game. Please come baaaaaaaaack, ohhhhhhhh hockey, please come baaa-aaaa-aaack.

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