Hail Marty: Devils fan prays to his god Marty Brodeur for Stanley Cup (VIDEO)

"MARTY IS GOD" is a fan-created sign that's been seen here and there through Martin Brodeur's record-breaking career with the New Jersey Devils. But as the team competes in the Stanley Cup Final against the Los Angeles Kings, Devils fan and filmmaker Russell Cammaroto has taken the Brodeur god complex to excitingly new blasphemous levels.

Here is Cammaroto, saying his "Hail Marty" before Monday night's Game 6:

HAIL MARTY from Oscura Studios on Vimeo.

Now get out your hymnals and repeat after me:

"Hail Marty/
Full of grace/
The puck is with three/
Blessed art thou among Jersey/
And blessed is the fruit of thy team go Devils/
Holy Brody/
We need a shutout/
Play for the Cup and win it/
Now and in the hour of our gametime/

Up next: "Hark, the Peter Harrold's Scratch."

UPDATE: In the interest of equal time, reader Derek Bargaehr points us to Sully & Scribe's playoff prayers for the LA Kings, which are less cinematic but more verbose.

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