The greatest Sidney Crosby fan sign ever displayed (Photo)

Puck Daddy

As captured by television cameras during the rivalry night game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers, this happened on Thursday night:

When we talk about the greatest fan-made Sidney Crosby sign at an NHL game, the competition is tougher than you’d think, because many fans hate him but the ladies, oh, the ladies love them some Sid.

On the positive side, there was the woman who showed up at a Calgary Flames game in a wedding dress to ask Crosby to marry her. On the negative side … well, see any sign that graced the stands in Washington or Philadelphia.

But this sign, via @Penstone, resets the bar. It’s a sexual come-on mixed with the most taboo of taboo jokes about Sidney Crosby. And here we thought this concussion sign was daring.

But more to the point on this sign: Look, not to get into a debate about the mechanics of sex, because to each his or her own, but … how exactly would Crosby’s head be injured by the headboard? Unless he’s Zdeno Chara. In, like, that he’s 6-9. That’s the only measurement we’re talking about here why do you ask

But again, we don't know what she has in mind for Sid, so ...

s/t Pensblog

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