Grandparents allege L.A. Kings ruined their sex life in lawsuit: report

Grandparents allege L.A. Kings ruined their sex life in lawsuit: report
Grandparents allege L.A. Kings ruined their sex life in lawsuit: report

The L.A. Kings have been on a roll of late, with two Stanley Cups in the last three seasons (and two in the last two full seasons, if you want to make it seem even better while simultaneously disrespecting the Chicago Blackhawks).

But that roll stops now. The Kings are reportedly being sued by two grandparents for ruining their sex life. Cut that out, Kings, and for shame!

So how did it happen? Are the Kings applying the same stifling defensive pressure in the bedroom of Trina and Dino Adam, the couple behind the suit, that they apply on the ice? Perhaps Darryl Sutter is just standing over the bed making faces? Maybe Dino feels he can't compete with Jeff Carter and his frosted tips? 

None of the above. From TMZ:

The people behind the allegations are Trina and Dino Adam -- who claim they were at the L.A. Kings Icetown sports center in Riverside, CA back in January for their granddaughter's birthday party. 

In the docs, the couple claims they were celebrating in a special room away from the ice rink in the sports center when a hockey puck zipped into the room and struck Trina in the head. 

According to the suit, Trina was knocked out cold ... and her husband caught her before she hit the ground ... but she suffered serious injuries from the incident -- including nausea, headaches, mood swings, memory loss and more. 

Trina's suffering is all there, and to add insult to injury (or in this case, further injury), a week after the incident, she lost her balance and fell down the stairs, fracturing her wrist. The blame for this tumble is being placed on the flying puck. Touch of the dizzies.

But Dino has suffered too. According to the suit, this whole ordeal has caused him to lose "enjoyment of sexual relations" with his wife. 

That's right. While the standard correlation between winning hockey teams and hot sex is a good one, with birth rates increasing alongside sporting success, the Cup champion Kings are, according to this suit, responsible for the exact opposite. Bunch of sex-ruiners, they are.

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