Gordie Howe tribute from Keith Olbermann is just about perfect (Video)

After he suffered a second stroke last week, Gordie Howe’s family has indicated he might not be on this mortal plane for much longer. Tributes have started to pour in, including well-wishes at Monday night’s Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Keith Olbermann of ESPN offered his own on Monday, and it was one of those outstanding monologues that Keith can still deliver when he’s not tritely sermonizing. It told Gordie stories, both personal and professional, and did well in capturing both the incredible physicality of the athlete and the warm personality of the man.

And that bloody story off the top ... well, that's just why Gordie's a hockey god.

In other words, it’s must-see and well worth your five minutes. Especially if you miss those old, classic SportsCenter commercials back when hockey would appear on ESPN more than Skip Bayless. Those were indeed good times, for all of humanity.