Goal celebration of the year? Watch Iiro Vehmanen score, climb the glass and blow a kiss (VIDEO)

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Hockey fans have witnessed some inventive goal celebrations this year, from Andrey Stepanov's slide-and-pose to Alex Ovechkin's Hulk Hogan routine to Evgeny Kuznetsov's kayak to, of course, Scott Hartnell's Phaneuf-smacking

Inventive as they were, none of those cellys involved a player scoring a goal, skating over to the stands, climbing the glass and blowing a kiss to the fans. Which is exactly what Finnish player Iiro Vehmanen of TuTo did this week in a Mestis (Finland2) league game against KooKoo.

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The routine begins around the 30-second mark, in case the video doesn't auto-jump, and there's an interview and replay about a minute later. This is priceless. Or completely bad form. One of the two:

In case you were wondering: Yes, this celebration did draw the ire of Vehmanen's opponents, as Miihkali Teppo went nuts on him to help earn 27 penalty minutes for the game — the season opener for both clubs. TuTo won, 3-2, in the shootout.

So what's your call? Classless or hysterical? This does veer off into NFL touchdown celebration territory, which is one step away from prop comedy. But maybe there was an object of affection he was trying to impress. Or, maybe he just really, really loves his fans.

Take a note for post-lockout goal celebrations, NHL — mandatory air smooches! That'll smooth things over.

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