Goal celebration fail: Watch NJ hockey player jump through glass (VIDEO)

He may not have invented the jumping-into-the-glass goal celebration, but Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin has definitely popularized it since he entered the NHL in 2005-06. Since then, we've seen that celly occur at every level of hockey with players sharing their exuberance with both the glass and whoever has seats right in front of that pane.

And sometimes that celebration goes wrong. Very wrong.

You might remember Henrik Andersen of Leksand in 2009 scoring a lovely goal and then crashing through the glass during his celebration. The same thing happened to Taylor Cox of the New Jersey Junior Titans of the Atlantic Junior Hockey League in a game Saturday night against the New Jersey Rockets. Another nice goal was followed by a memorable end to a celebration:

Oh, the walk of shame is never, ever fun.

The clip has gone viral overnight and even garnered attention on "SportsCenter" in the U.S.

The Junior Titans would go on to win 4-1 after a delay to clean up the shattered glass. Judging by his Twitter account, Cox is fine and enjoying his newfound fame.

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