Goal of the year? Aidan Muir of USHL scores instant classic from his knees (Video)

There are a few squares left on the 2013 calendar, meaning that the opportunities for “goal of the year” candidates are dwindling.

Luckily, Aidan Muir of the USHL’s Indiana Ice got in under the wire.

Muir scored a shorthanded goal against the Youngstown Phantoms on Friday night that featured him stickhandling on his knees before contorting his body to unleash a backhand shot on goal – scoring one of the most memorable tallies at any level of hockey this year.

Muir was drafted 113th overall by the Edmonton Oilers in last summer's draft.

That was Tommy Parran of Youngstown that bumped Muir and tried to defend him as the Ice forward stickhandled on his knees. Goalie Sean Romeo waved at the puck as it flew by him for the goal.

Here’s how the Youngtown News saw it:

The second was midway through the final period with the score still the same. Ice forward Aidan Muir skated with the puck into the offensive zone with two Phantoms draped on top of him. As he fell to the ice, with his back to the net, Muir flipped the puck over his shoulder and past Romeo, who was down in the butterfly position attempting to poke at the puck with his stick.

Whatever Romeo was attempting, he guessed wrong. But then again, what goalie guesses that a guy who just stickhandled from his knees would uncork a twisting, practically no-look shot on his backhand?

s/t Allison S.