Glass-banging hockey fan knocked down by hit in Canadiens game (Video)

Glass-banging fans. The scourge of any hockey arena.

As we’ve chronicled before on Puck Daddy, banging on the glass during a fight or a scrum adds to the Thunderdome aesthetic of that occurrence. But the idiots that jump out of their corporately owned seats and put palms to panes whenever there’s a player within five feet of their viewing window … well, there really isn’t enough overpriced arena beer with which to soak them.

Seriously, "Idiots That Bang On The Glass" make "People Who Yell SHOOT During The Power Play" seem downright affable.

If you feel the same about [expletive] bangerz (tm, Miley), this highlight from Thursday’s Columbus Blue Jackets’ game at the Montreal Canadiens should be cathartic.

Should have been you, cowboy hat guy …

Obviously, we hope the fan that took a tumble on that collision was OK, and was able to quickly comprehend the concept of karma.

This has been a Public Service Announcement on behalf of Everyone Else In Your Section.

s/t Robert Söderlind