Giant Budweiser goal light blimp breaks loose, floats freely over Canada

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Budweiser introduced its Red Zeppelin goal light blimp in February to celebrate every time the "home" team scored a goal. Depending on what Canadian city it was in or when Team Canada had a game going on during the Sochi Oympics, the over 16,000 LED lights of the 400-lbs. blimp would light up red whenever a goal was scored.

The Red Zeppelin has kept soaring over the past two months, floating throughout Canada at various events. On Saturday, it was parked in the skies above Saint John, New Brunswick during a ball hockey tournament when it broke loose of its tether.

It has since been floating randomly, with no one knowing when it will fall to earth.

Via CBC:

According to Transport Canada’s Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System (CADOR), the blimp was last reported floating 1,200 to 1,500 metres up.

The report says the blimp was travelling northeast at approximately 11 km/h and is expected to descend somewhere over Sussex, N.B.

Can't someone just flick a switch and turn it on so they could find it at night? 

The 70-foot blimp isn't hard to miss, but knowing it's expected to descend "somewhere" over Sussex should probably put the city on alert. No one wants a 400-lbs. goal light crashing into their home.

Then again, this could all just be one big publicity stunt and the blimp is actually headed for Boston this weekend to follow the Montreal Canadiens for their second round matchup against the Bruins. 

Float on, you big red blimp. Float on.

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