Giant Peeps Zamboni is the most adorable Zamboni (Photos)

The Lehigh Valley Phantoms are the Philadelphia Flyers’ AHL affiliate. Earlier this season, they debuted a Peeps Zamboni, as candy maker Just Born is headquartered there.

But at their game on Sunday again Wilkes-Barre, it was like Xzibit showed up and was like, “Yo Dawg, I heard you like Peeps Zambonis so we put a giant peep on your Peeps Zamboni!!!”

Yes, it's a hu-mang-ous Peep on the Peeps Zamboni, pictured here with the official Peeps mascot. Peeps!

Now, while aesthetically pleasing and tantalizingly delicious, provided you love the sugar rush of tiny candy chick, the giant Peep on the Zamboni wasn’t without its challenges.

They had to make it removable so the top of the Zamboni could open for maintenance and refilling. That was perhaps secondary to the greater challenge, which was how to fasten a giant yellow candy bird in front of a driver’s face and still have them be able to steer.

Hence, the elevated platform.

What a great addition to the Flyers’ family. We wait with great anticipation for that moment when either Jay Rosehill or Zack Stortini punches the Peep in a fit of rage and gets their arm stuck in glorious marshmallow filling.

Stick-tap to Andy for the images.