Giada De Laurentiis, LA Kings fan, makes ‘Anaheim Ducks’ Soup’ (Video)


You can keep your Matthew Perrys, your Wil Wheatons, your Alyssa Milanos …

It appears as though Giada De Laurentiis is a Los Angeles Kings fan, and thus all other aspects of life itself are deemed irrelevant.

Here is the Food Network star and Vegas restaurateur, preparing “Anaheim Duck Soup” for the Staples Center crowd during Game 3.


“I always use Anaheim Duck because they’re slow, they’re lazy and they have thin-skin…”

How dare you call Ryan Getzlaf lazy, ma’am!

We fully anticipate the Ducks answering this escalation of the celebrity chef war by enlisting Guy Fieri to cook Kickin’ Extreme Kings Crabs Legs With Hydrogen Bomb Tomatillo Donkey Sauce. (“THEY’LL SEND YOU JONATHAN QUICK TO THE BATHROOM BRO!!!!!!!!!”)