Get your summer hockey fix with the AHL's goal of the year (Video)

Brian Gibbons
Brian Gibbons

The AHL may be a step below the NHL, but the hockey's still pretty good, thanks to the mixture of veterans that have the skill, just not the size and speed for the NHL and the up-and-coming prospects refining their raw talent on the way to the bigs. The league tends to produce a lot of highlight-reel goals, and there's a good chance you missed a lot of them this year.

Here's where you can catch up, as RDS has compiled a list of the AHL's goals of the year.  

Feast your eyes on Brian Gibbons' incredible individual effort, Colton Sceviour's mad dangles, or Linus Omark's poise under pressure. No wonder these guys spent some time in the NHL this year.

These clips are a quality reminder that there's a lot to like about the American Hockey League. My favourite thing? The San Antonio Rampage's Twitter handle is @sarampage, and my brain always breaks it up as Sara M. Page.

I want to believe there's a Sara M. Page out there that fumes every day at some friggin' hockey team squatting on her preferred handle. Everywhere else online, she's SaraMPage. On Twitter? SaraMPage1, and it eats at her. 

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