German league game abandoned after team’s forward starts in goal, gets hurt (Video)

Friday's Deutsche Eishockey Liga 2 game between SC Riessersee and Star Bulls Rosenheim was set to be a matchup between two teams jockeying for playoff position. Things started out well for Rosenheim, but then the game took a very strange turn.

Shawn Weller gave Rosenheim a 1-0 lead 2:47 into the game. And that's where the game ended.

You see, Riessersee entered the game with an issue: they had no healthy goaltenders. They were all sick or injured, so the team was forced to put forward Markus Eberhardt in net. He didn't last very long. Roseneheim scored just moments after Eberhardt took a slap shot to the shoulder, injuring himself.

Eberhardt couldn't continue on, so he left the ice and officials were forced to abandon the game. League rules state a referee cannot force a skater to man the net, so with no goaltenders around, the game could not go on.

Before the game, Riessersee tried to postponed it due to the unique situation, but Rosenheim denied their request.

Here's some video of the shot that hurts Eberhardt, the goal and the ending of the game:

The game would be put in the books as a 5-0 win for Rosenheim.

It was tough luck for Eberhardt, having been forced into acting as the team's netminder for the night, but the hockey gods were already against him before the game started.

Because the other goalies were absent, Eberhardt had been forced to wear some random equipment laying around. That random equipment once belonged to Rick DiPietro, who wore it during the 2012 NHL lockout when he played for Riessersee.

There's no way that equipment isn't cursed. Eberhardt didn't even have a chance.

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