Gary Bettman vs. booing Philadelphia fans at the NHL draft (Video)

Gary Bettman vs. booing Philadelphia fans at the NHL draft (Video)

PHILADELPHIA - The fans at the Wells Fargo Center came determined to make some noise at the NHL draft. Heck, they made their voices heard during role call, shouting "SUCKS!" after every team but Philadelphia was announced. ("Dallas." "SUCKS!" "Detroit." "SUCKS!" "Edmonton." "SUCKS!" And so on.)

So naturally, they revelled in Gary Bettman's introductory speech, booing the NHL commissioner lustily. And Bettman, in that wonderful way he does, just ate it up. Here's three minutes of Philadelphia booing Gary Bettman like he showed up in a Crosby jersey.

“Isn’t this supposed to be the city of brotherly love?”

I guarantee you he wrote that joke the night before -- or heck, the day Philadelphia was awarded the draft -- in anticipation of this moment.

I love it. And Bettman loves it too. He eats your boos. He drinks them up. And getting booed by the fans of the host city has become one of the best draft traditions, along with the Oilers selecting in the lottery.

The video almost doesn't do this year's round of booing justice, though. In the arena, it was nigh impossible to hear a single thing Bettman said. It was clearer on television. Next year, they should mic the boos.