Gary Bettman, rookie commissioner, rocking sweet NHL jersey (Puck Treasures)

In 1993, the NHL named its first commissioner in Gary Bettman, a former general counsel and senior vice president for the NBA. Among the motivations for the move was to change the very image of the League to attract a young, hip American audience.

And what better way to accomplish this than with a young, hip American commissioner, right?

This original black and white photo from the archives of The Sporting News was auctioned and quickly sold on eBay for $22.99.

And no, it’s not Michael Scott representing Dunder Mifflin at the 1993 NHL All-Star Game – it’s actually Gary Bettman!

Pretty amazing that even on his first day in office, Bettman was already supporting a cap for the NHL …

Here's hoping the winner of this incredible keepsake is able to get it autographed.

By either Bob Goodenow or Chris Chelios, we mean …

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