Gallery: Boston Bruins Bear Photoshop Contest Roars Ahead

Gallery 1 of our Boston Bruins Bear Cup Celebration Photoshop Contest was a cavalcade of bloody images, ingenious jokes and beer references.  As you can see from this entry by reader Eric Pratt, Gallery 2 builds on that tradition:

The submissions are all in, the Puck Daddy brainless trust is mulling the possibilities, and we'll have the winners announced at the start of Puck Daddy Radio today at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT, and subsequently on the site.

Again: One lucky winner from the Boston area gets to attend tonight's VIP premiere of the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup DVD, and we're giving away five copies of the DVD to runners-up.

Prepare yourselves for the hilarity and inanity of Bruins Bear Cup Celebration Contest, Gallery 2!

And here … we … go.

In our first gallery, we gave you severed limbs. In our second, we give you … more severed limbs. From reader "I Have a Bad Monkey":

"The bear celebrating his day with the Cup at home. I guess Mamma bear didn't like Phil Pritchard."

Well, at least Mike Bolt endures.

More gruesome goodness, this time from Photoshop contest veteran Trevor Ezaki. Nothing washes down a bloody hand like a nice, cool Amstel Light.

Reader Julio Rivera also focuses on the finger bite:

"Here is the bear reminding Burrows that you eat cold cuts, tuna and lobster — not people."

Mmmmm … cold cuts.

This one from reader Jeff Frechette is rather brilliant. If you don't get the reference, this was the Vancouver Canucks' super secret motivational poster in their locker room. (Frechette also did the Luongo tire pump image from Gallery 1.)

Oh, reader Mike Tan, that's just mean. Although we do feel suddenly refreshed.

It wouldn't be a Puck Daddy Photoshop contest without a "300" tribute. Let's face it: Reader Brad Dale probably could have left King Leonidas alone and just convinced us it was Zdeno Chara.

OK, this one dips into the story archive a bit. Remember that post about the guy in Tampa Bay whose HOA went after him for having Lightning signs on his lawn? Reader Brett Buda believes he's discovered who took the photo of the Lightning fan's house and squealed to the community killjoys about it. Well-played.

OK, this next one is a Down Goes Brown special, as we discover the secret of Tim Thomas's mustache through the power of MAGNIFICATION!

Every time Tim Thomas shaves there are a million tiny growls of anguish.

Richie Preds Fan finds a sneaky way to get around our No Riots edict in the contest. We'll allow it.

Lesson learned via reader Ryan Lilien.

A second effort from Eric Pratt (who did the opening image with the heads on the wall). Our eyes are drawn to the glass container on the right. Honey? Urine? Honey-scented urine?

Here's our Photoshop ace John Schultz with a "Dogs Playing Poker"-esque look at the Boston Bruins.

And finally, we have to give Dan Sassone props for this concept:

The Stanley Cup of Bruins Bear Photoshops.

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