Gabriel Landeskog loses World Juniors bet, admits love of American boys (PHOTO)

Defenseman Erik Johnson played for the U.S. in the World Junior Hockey Championship in 2006 and 2007, winning bronze in the latter tournament. Like many American hockey fans, he was thrilled when the USA took home the gold at the 2013 WJC in Ufa, Russia last weekend.

But he was just as thrilled that his Colorado Avalanche teammate, Sweden-born rookie of the year Gabriel Landeskog, would have to pay up on the wager they made on the Sweden/USA gold medal match:

As per terms of their wager, Landeskog must rock the “I HEART AMERICAN BOYS” T-shirt for a week. (Because who doesn’t?)

Here's the presentation of the T-shirt on TSN's "Off The Record."

No word if Landeskog had to recite the following Estelle-inspired lyric:

“Take me to world juniors/I’d like to go some day/Take me over to Russia/To see the U-S-A/I really want to/Watch Sweden beat you/But I love American Boys/American Boys…”

He’s already vowed revenge on Johnson for losing the bet, although it’s unclear what revenge he would seek, being that the gold medal at the 2013 WJC signals the beginning of American domination of international ice hockey for what could be decades.