Free spa services for Vancouver rioters is a pretty dumb idea

Here's a strange thing: a Vancouver spa is offering free manicures and facials to Stanley Cup rioters that turn themselves in to the police. From The National Post:

The spa said it would give rioters $50 gift certificate toward spa services in exchange for a confession of looting or arson along with their fingerprints, which it will forward to police before their massage or wax.

"Once in possession of an official police arrest form, their gift certificate will be activated," the spa said in a media release.

Because after a full night of rioting, sometimes the cuticles need a touch-up, I guess?

Okay, this is stupid idea. It's not like Burger King offering a free Whopper or Starbucks offering a tall coffee for you to take their online survey. In order to redeem this offer, you have to get arrested. I can't imagine any of the rioters being so enticed by a free day at the spa that they'd willingly submit to a criminal record (at least not without a complimentary salt rub -- salt rubs are incredible).

It turns out that this isn't the only intention of the campaign, anyway. The other goal here (apart from, you know, getting free publicity from the novelty) is actually just to embarrass the rioters.

From the same article:

Eccotique spokesman Scot Keith said the spa launched the campaign to highlight the fact that no one has been charged in the four months since the riots and to encourage rioters to turn themselves in.

"We kind of just wanted to emasculate these guys because we're frustrated with them," he said.

Wait, what? Let's talk about this.

First, it wasn't just males that were involved in the looting and rioting. You may recall the somewhat unconvincing apology of Camile Cacnio, female, or the photos of the riot flasher, also female, that made the rounds. There were plenty of women that took part in the events following game 7, so Eccotique's plan to "emasculate these guys" doesn't quite cover all the bases.

Second, the very idea that the spa thinks they're being cheeky by insinuating that the rioters might also be spa-goers shows some pretty unprogressive thinking on behalf of the company. You'd think the spokesman of a spa, of all people, would avoid implying that it was unmasculine to get a facial or a pedicure, like there's something wrong with a man that frequents a boutique.

Sure, a day at the spa isn't for everybody, but there are plenty of heterosexual men that also prefer to boast well-groomed hands.

That's an incredibly large potential clientele base Eccotique just insulted. Heck, the spokesman himself is a man. He should know better.

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