Free Sean Avery! But not before he plays on pink ice this weekend in AHL

The New York Rangers' divisive pest Sean Avery continues to toil with the Connecticut Whale of the AHL, despite two NHL teams requesting his services via re-entry waivers according to Larry Brooks of the New York Post.

Ah, therein lies the problem: The Rangers would carry about $2 million in dead cap space for the rest of the season if Avery's claimed by another team. The Rangers currently have under $2 million in cap space, according to Cap Geek.

(Which is probably why you won't see Wade Redden anytime soon. OK, probably not the primary reason, but a reason nonetheless.)

So Rangers GM Glen Sather is attempting some creative maneuvering rather than having Avery on re-entry waivers. But we're really hoping this doesn't happen before he hits the pink ice.

From the NY Post:

Sources have told The Post general manager Glen Sather rejected that request, instead offering to trade Avery in a minor-league deal under which the Rangers would take back additional dollars but the responsibility for placing Avery on re-entry would then pass to the acquiring club that would then bear the burden of carrying dead salary-cap space upon a claim.

… Sather's willingness to acquire AHL players on one-way contracts who would then be assigned to the Whale creates the possibility of a cash-poor club with ample salary-cap space making such an exchange with the Rangers, knowing that Avery would be claimed on re-entry.

In other words: Trading salary cap space, in a roundabout way.

From Adam Herman of Blueline Station, who hipped us to the story:

However, if there is one team in the NHL who is unburdened by a 2 million dollar player sitting in the minors it's the Rangers, and a team that is looking to make a controversial and risky move like adding Sean Avery is probably a bit desperate. I don't foresee Sather giving in and sacrificing cap room just to do another team (and Sean Avery) a favor. I do think a minor league trade is plausible and it would be the best scenario for all parties involved.

Whatever happens here … please don't free Avery from the shackles of the Whale until after this Saturday, Mr. Sather. Why? Read Kim P. explains:

This Saturday is the Norfolk Admirals Pink In the Rink... well the lucky opponent for this game is the Connecticut Whale... aka the sufferer's of Sean Avery and Tort's relationship.

Now you asked the world if they were ready for Claude Lemieux skating on pink ice... now is the time to ask the world,

"Are we ready for Sean Avery on Pink Ice???"

To make it even better, over the last couple seasons, the players, Admirals and the opponents, have really gotten into the pink thing. Most if not all have taped their sticks with pink tape and tape up their socks with Pink tape... I think a few spray painted their sticks pink too. So maybe I should rephrase that question to:

"Is the world ready for Sean Avery on Pink Ice w/a pink stick and pink taped socks"

It's quite a sight.

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