Frederick Roy, son of Patrick Roy, throws incredible tantrum after Spengler Cup ejection (Video)

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Frederick Roy is the son of Patrick Roy. He plays for the Rochester Americans of the AHL, who are currently over in Switzerland participating in the Spengler Cup.

Roy is a forward, so it would appear that he didn't inherit his father's goaltending ability. But he has inherited his father's temper.

"My family, we're passionate people," Frederick once told USA Today Sports. Yeah. We know.

But don't take it from Frederick. Take it from this video of Frederick absolutely losing it after being ejected in the late stages of a game at the Spengler Cup. Warning: NSFW for strong language (which makes sense, since most tantrums are uncensored affairs).

"Oh crap he's going to kill the cameraman! Quick! Cut to the calming image of a coach vacantly chewing gum!"

The Americans were blown out in the game, falling 5-0 to Swiss team HC Genève-Servette. And so, as one does at the end of a blowout in North American hockey, Roy attempted to instigate a fight. His target? HC Genève-Servette center Cody Almond, whom you might remember from his years with the Minnesota Wild.

But fighting isn't allowed at the Spengler Cup, so Roy was tossed, and left to take out his frustration on some sticks, a coffee machine, and the cameraman.

Roy took to Twitter to apologize once he'd calmed down.

A rough translation: "Please excuse me for the way I left the ice yesterday. My emotions took over and I learned my lesson."

Louis Matte, The Swiss team's assistant coach, defended Roy's blow-up after the game. "Roy and his team lost and they were frustrated. "It happens in hockey."

It does. Especially when you're a Roy.

s/t to Kukla's Korner.

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