Fox Sports makes biggest racially insensitive typo on Seth Jones photo

The other day, Y Sports editor Kevin Kaduk asked if I ever accidentally swapped out the ‘P’ with an ‘F’ when writing the word “puck” 1,000 times a day. It happens, I said, but luckily that level of monumental typo gets caught before publication.

Alas, sometimes mistakes get through for every editor. And sometimes they turn out to be the single most embarrassing typo one can imagine, within a given context. With that, we bring you the Fox Sports coverage of the Nashville Predators’ win over the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday night, featuring Seth Jones.

We think they meant “biggest.” But hey, the 'B' and the 'N' keys are right next to each other, assuming this is actually a typo.

Jones, of course, has been touted as potentially becoming the NHL’s first African-American superstar one day.

So, in summary: Cringe.

But hey, at least it’s no “Chink In The Armor” …

s/t On The Forecheck and Dirk Hoag for the find.